Additive Drives


Unique E-machines through 3D printing technology and dedicated insulation processes – with 100% electrical conductivity: 3D printed electric drives.

Our manufacturing approach allows completely new EE systems: less installation space, better thermals, higher efficiency.

The drive tasks of the future, whether in industry or traffic, place high demands on individual components. Conventional electric motor manufacturing processes quickly reach their limits; optimized geometries for electric motor functionality often cannot be attained. This leads to painful compromises in performance and efficiency.

This problem is solved using 3D printing to manufacture copper coils. The higher copper content in the electric motor reduces losses and improves the thermal coupling of the winding.
A 45% performance increase was registered when our copper coils were used in a racing motor.

Electrochemical post-processing for full surface control, for defined application of primary insulation materials.

We are focusing on hairpin windings, currently the most popular design in the automotive industry. The typical delivery time for hairpin winding prototypes is at least six months, partly due to tools used for the production of windings. We offer significantly reduced prototype delivery lead times of a few weeks.

Overall development expertise for the electric motor. Together with you, we develop the electric motor generation of tomorrow. Using the latest simulation and design tools, we work with you to develop the optimum design.

If this sounds as exciting to you as it is to us, don’t hesitate to get in touch.