Development for the future

Fastest Prototyping in the world

Electric drives are the future. We support our partners from the initial idea to the finished product: electromagnetic and thermal design, construction, manufacturing concept, testing and industrialisation.
Together we are developing the engines of tomorrow.

Additive Drives offers the world’s fastest prototyping! Innovative 3D printing enables prototypes and small series to be realised in the shortest possible time without expensive tooling costs.
Our promise: From the first idea to the finished part within 4 weeks!

3D-printed of electric motors

electric motor design, electro magnetic simulation and thermal simulation


Production using innovative 3D printing enables completely new designs for electric motors. To fully exploit the potential, we rely on electromagnetic and thermal design as well as fluid dynamic optimisation. As a result, we exceed the highest standards in oil and water cooling.

At the same time, we test all components for lifetime.

More power in the same installation space, improved thermal properties and higher efficiencies mean a new generation of motors at the physical limit!

The best way to cool: Avoid losses

There are many ways to cool electric motors, from air cooling and water cooling to direct oil cooling. However, the most effective way of cooling is always to reduce losses!
Depending on the application and frequency range, different conductor structures and technologies are used: classic hairpin windings with optimised winding heads or the patented Additive Drives NextPin!

The conductor design is always determined on a customer-specific basis. Every conductor geometry is as unique as its application!

test bench for electric motors


Customized electric motors: Depending on the application, different conductor structures and technologies are used: single coils, classic hairpin windings with optimised winding heads or the patented Additive Drives NextPin!


We support our customers not only during development and production, but also during testing. Our customers receive validated values on performance, efficiency and other key data within a very short time. In addition to short-term tests, we can also carry out environmental, EMC, service life and functional tests for motors with up to 30,000 rpm and 500 kW.

Functional testing:
– Electric
– Thermal
– Oil cooling
– max. speed
– max. power/continuous power
– Efficiency

Environmental testing
EMC Tests
Endurance test


New electric motors are developed in coordination with our customers and their applications. We offer various concepts for different requirements.