Highly efficient oil cooling

Highly efficient cooling methods such as oil cooling and optimised designs with forced heat transfer enable us to realise designs with high-performance motors in the smallest of spaces. Additive Drives’ designs make all the difference when it comes to high cooling requirements.

We are able to realise designs with high-performance motors in the smallest of spaces. Where cooling requirements are high, Additive Drives designs make all the difference.

As the demand for electric motors increases, so do the requirements for their efficiency and power density. Additive Drives uses oil cooling to achieve high power densities of over 25 kW/kg in a small space. In this way, we are improving the possibilities of electric drives not only in the automotive sector, but also, for example, in motor sport or aviation.

The combination of the drive train concept, which forces heat transfer from the conductors to the laminations, with an integrated oil cooling system enables motors to be cooled more efficiently than ever before.

Integrated oil cooling in the stator laminations allows the fluid to flow directly around the heat affected parts, removing a large amount of thermal energy. Advanced sealing systems enable high-speed operation.

The different cooling technologies are:

  • Direct slot cooling
  • Stator stack oil cooling close to the slot
  • Spray cooling of end turns

To optimise the cooling system, Additive Drives offers its customers thermal simulations at the motor design stage. Lifetime and insulation tests are also available to support customers.