Electric motors for aviation and motorsport

of electric motors with the highest power density

Electric motors for extremes! In motorsport and aviation, drives have to overcome extreme challenges. Innovative designs and high-performance materials push the engine to its physical limits and enable power densities of 25 kW/kg and more.

Single coils

Single coils form compact windings for maximum torque densities. The 3D printing of the coil takes it to a new level: maximum copper fill factors, optimised winding heads and functional integration. The perfect geometric adaptation not only enables higher efficiencies than with the classic round wire winding, but also better heat dissipation, a more compact design and wiring.

High-Torque-Motor with highest torque ratio
innovative concept for electric motors in high-frequency applications

Opti Slot

Different conductor structures in one stator – the perfect adaptation of the stator winding drastically reduces current heat losses. This applies in particular to fundamental winding frequencies above 500 Hz, which otherwise cause high AC losses. The OptiSlot concept combines round wire, litz wire, nextpins and hairpins in the same slot. This guarantees the most efficient solution for every application!

Functional safety

Functional safety concepts include redundantly connected motor windings. The parallel active paths guarantee that operation is maintained even in the event of a failure (fail operational). Additive Drives supports your concept with innovative busbar designs and state-of-the-art insulation technologies. The result is highly efficient designs in the smallest possible installation space, with high power density.

State-of-the-art insulation

In order to fulfil the high requirements of the applications, we rely on the latest technologies for electrical insulation. We use high-end polymers that are selected specifically for the application. They enable continuous operating temperatures of up to 260°C, unrivalled chemical resistance and the highest partial discharge inception voltages!

electric drone with highly efficient motors
integrated oil cooling in electric motors

innovative cooling concepts

There are many ways to cool electric motors, from air cooling and water cooling to direct oil cooling.
Direct oil cooling in particular enables high performance in the smallest possible installation space and with low weight. The unique combination of forced heat transfer between conductor and laminated core allows power densities of over 25kW/kg.

Developement for the planet

Today’s electric motors often utilise technologies from the last century.
With increasing demands for energy efficiency and CO2 savings, the need for new solutions to make the future of drive technology more sustainable is also growing.

Additive Drives was founded out of a deep desire for more innovation and has developed into a pioneer of electric drives. For years, we have been dedicated to developing new technologies in order to realise a new generation of electric motors. With solutions such as the Next-Pin, we have the future of electromobility on offer.


Customised electric motors: Depending on the application, different conductor structures and technologies can be used: Single coils, classic hairpin windings with optimised winding heads or the patented Additive Drives Next Pin!