Hairpin stator

fastest prototyping in the world

Hairpins are the trend technology in the field of electric motors. rectangular copper rods replace the coiled copper wires. Additive Drives offers the world’s fastest hairpin prototypes. Our promise: From the idea to the finished stator in 4 weeks!

The development of motor technology through additive drives has a significant impact on the overall efficiency of the application. By building small and medium series without tooling costs, the motors can be optimised and adapted for every application. The application of the technology is not limited to the automotive sector, but is also used in aviation, motor racing and industry.

Wavewinding, X-Pin, Hairpin And Next-Pin

Hairpin Stator Prototyping

Hairpin stator in just a few days: Our designs are scalable for small, medium and large series. Geometric design and material parameters are compatible with conventional manufacturing.

Voltage level: 48-1200V
Power range: up to 800kW
Conductor per slot: 2-12
Size: 70-450mm outer diameter
Scalable for large series production
Benefits: No tooling, No welding, No twisting
Insulation materials: PAI, PI, PEEK


More power with the same installation space: The length of the winding head plays a decisive role in being able to extend the active length of the stator. X-pin technology enables shorter winding heads than conventional hairpin windings and has a significant impact on the power density of a motor.

Hairpin Advanced

Optimised winding heads and our patented NextPin technology enable significantly higher electric motor performance. 3D printing completely rethinks the designs

A new era of Hairpin Stators with up to 45% more power.

High performance applications
Maximum power densities
Minimising length of endturns
Scalable for all sizes
Direct oil cooling
Optimised designs and cooling
Insulation materials: PAI, PI, PEEK

Continous Winding

Continuous windings or wave windings are trending topics in winding technology. With our patented production processes, we enable wave windings in the shortest possible time and – unique in the world – with closed grooves.

wavewinding stator with compact endturn
electric motor design for high-frequency applications

Next Pin

The Next-Pin combines the advantages of litz wire winding at high speeds with the benefits of hairpin technology in terms of copper fill level and industrialisability. The customised conductor structure reduces the AC losses in the wire. By using next-pin technology, losses can be reduced by 60% in the automotive sector, for example.

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