Electric motors for the automotive

Highly efficient e-drives for the The future of mobility

We are shaping the next generation of drives for 2028 and beyond. With innovative and highly efficient solutions such as X-Pin and Next-Pin, but also Wavewinding and the trend technology axial flux motor, we can deliver prototypes for the motors of the future within 4 weeks.

The development of new technologies and the challenge of saving energy are currently driving industry worldwide. Additive Drives is transferring innovative ideas from aviation and motorsport to series production in order to herald the future of electric motors!

Development across Industries


Optimised hairpin for automotive

Hairpins are the trend technology in the field of electric motors. rectangular copper rods replace the coiled copper wires. Higher copper fill factors and larger cross-sections reduce heat generation and increase the efficiency of the motors. Optimised endturns also enable enormous savings.

optimised design for electric motors in the automotive sector, optimised hairpin stator
electric motor design for high-frequency applications

Additive Drives Next Pin

The Next-Pin combines the advantages of litz wire winding at high speeds with the benefits of hairpin technology in terms of copper fill level and industrialisability. The customised conductor structure reduces the AC losses in the wire. By using Next-Pin technology, losses in the automotive sector can be reduced by 60%. The Next Pin is the next step towards the clean mobility of tomorrow!

Axial flux motors

Axial flux motors are among the future technologies of electromobility. The motors can be built extremely flat, but can achieve up to 30% higher torque densities than comparable radial flux motors.
With the development of new coil designs and optimised bus bars, the technology is more exciting than ever before.

Axial flux motor with double rotor and optimised coils
electric motor with hairpin winding and integrated oil cooling

innovative Cooling concepts

There are many ways to cool electric motors, from air cooling and water cooling to direct oil cooling.
Direct oil cooling in particular enables high performance in the smallest possible installation space and with low weight.
The unique combination of forced heat transfer between conductor and laminated core allows power densities of over 25kW/kg.

Developement for the planet

Today’s electric motors often utilise technologies from the last century.
With increasing demands for energy efficiency and CO2 savings, the need for new solutions to make the future of drive technology more sustainable is also growing.

Additive Drives was founded out of a deep desire for more innovation and has developed into a pioneer of electric drives. For years, we have been dedicated to developing new technologies in order to realise a new generation of electric motors. With solutions such as the Next-Pin, we have the future of electromobility on offer.


Electric motors at the physical limit! In addition to industrial motors with efficiencies of up to 98%, Additive Drives also develops high-performance motors with power densities of up to 25kW/kg.