Unexpected efficiency beyond the wire

Taking electric motors to the next level. Additive Drives is proud to power the next phase in drive evolution: highly efficient 3D-printed windings for electric motors.

„We have reached electrical conductivity of 100% IACS“, says Additive Drives co-founder Axel Helm in reference to the industry-applied International Annealed Copper Standard. 

The 3D printing of electric motor components introduces a new era of electric motor efficiency. Our focus is on copper windings, the main component of every electric motor.
Streamlining the production process with CAD data directly from designers enables shorter development and test cycles..

The drive tasks of the future, whether in industry or traffic, place high demands on individual components. Manufacturing copper coils using 3D printing enhances their performance and efficiency. A higher copper content in electric motors, achievable with our manufacturing process chain, reduces losses and improves the thermal coupling of the winding.

Single coil or hairpin winding?


The choice is yours. View our applications for more information on what you can manufacture with 3D printing and Additive Drives as your production partner.

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Learn more about the first Additive Drives use cases:

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Hairpin Winding in
E-Traction Motor Use Case »

Single Coil in Pedelec Motor Use Case »

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Science and business partners

Additive Drives is proud to collaborate with TU Bergakademie Freiberg as well as other universities and established business enterprises.