Series production beyond the catalogue

Highly efficient
Electric motors for all applications

We develop customised electric motors in quantities of 1 to 100.000 without complex tools and high one-off costs. We realise unrivalled efficiency and maximum performance – just as you wish.
Customised electrification solutions have never been so easy.

Unbeaten Efficiency

Electric motors move the world. The requirements are as unique as their application. Whereas in the past it was often necessary to use standard motors from the catalogue, we supply our partners with specialised electric motors in quantities of between 1 and 100.000 units per year. By perfectly adapting the motors to the respective application, we reduce losses and optimise performance to the maximum!

Development for the planet

Today’s electric motors often utilise technologies from the last century.
With increasing demands for energy efficiency and CO2 savings, the need for new solutions to make the future of drive technology more sustainable is also growing.

Additive Drives was founded out of a deep desire for more innovation and has developed into a pioneer in electrical engineering. For years, we have been dedicated to developing new technologies in order to realise a new generation of electric motors. With solutions such as the NextPin, we are offering the future of electromobility.

highly efficient electric motors in industrial applications


Electric motors move the world. Our motors are used in a wide variety of products and are customised for every application.


We usually accompany our customers from development to production. In order to be able to realise large quantities and at the same time guarantee a particularly high degree of flexibility, we operate our own automation team.

We are able to realise the fully automatic production of X-pin, wave winding and hairpin windings in individual designs within a very short time and react quickly to changing requirements. In addition to stator production, the production of rotors for synchronous and asynchronous machines and the complete assembly of the motors can also be automated.

Fastest production of wire in the world: In order to be able to react quickly to enquiries and changes, we rely on our own fully automated wire drawing system, which enables the shortest delivery times and makes production independent of external factors.

air-cooled systems with highly efficient electric motors for energy-efficient cooling


Customized electric motors: Depending on the application, different conductor structures and technologies are used: single coils, classic hairpin windings with optimised winding heads or the patented Additive Drives NextPin!