customised electric motors

The next generation of electric motors

Whether automotive, aviation, off-highway applications, industry and robotics or even racing: electric motors are the drives of the future.
Additive Drives develops electric motors that are perfectly tailored to the customer’s wishes and specific needs. In addition to power densities of 25kW/kg, efficiencies of up to 98% can also be realised in this way.

use of 3d-printing for the fastest prototyping of electric motors

Prototyping and development

fastest and most cost-effective prototype construction

use of the latest technology for the series production of electric motors, Robots with electric drive through high-torque motors

Series production

unmatched performance and efficiency

electric motors in formula 1 and motorsport

of electric motors For extremes

The development of electric motors for aviation and motorsport requires extreme power densities and maximum performance. Automotive and industry demand maximum efficiency and the most effective cooling. Off-highway applications demand the highest torques in the smallest installation space.

Customised Development

Depending on the application, different technologies and conductor structures can therefore be used: Radial flux or axial flux motors, single coils, classic hairpin windings with optimised winding heads or the patented Additive Drives Next Pin! The innovative manufacturing processes enable the production of drives in all quantities, from single units to large series, and unprecedented design freedom. We support our customers individually from the initial idea through to realisation.

The future of of electric motors

With up to 45% more power, Additive Drives takes electric drives to the next level. 2D and 3D electromagnetic simulation paired with production-orientated CAD design and patented manufacturing methods enable the most innovative designs for electric motors.

optimised electric motor designs for individual customer requirements
integrated oil cooling in electric motors

Optimised cooling for the highest demands

There are many ways to cool electric motors, from air cooling and water cooling to direct oil cooling. However, the most effective way of cooling is still to reduce losses!

While air cooling can be used in stationary industrial applications, power densities above 25 kW/kg can only be realised using modern cooling concepts such as integrated oil cooling. Various concepts are possible:

– Direct cooling of the slots
– Oil cooling of the stator core near the slot
– Spray cooling of the endturns

In order to optimise the cooling system, Additive Drives offers its customers thermal simulations during engine development. Endurance and insulation tests are also available to customers.


Electric motors move the world. Our motors are used in a wide variety of products and are customised for every application.


Electric motors at the physical limit! In addition to industrial motors with efficiencies of up to 98%, Additive Drives also develops high-performance motors with power densities of up to 25kW/kg.