Customer Story AVL

“The manufacturing technology from Additive Drives GmbH not only opens up new possibilities in the design and further optimization of electric motors, but also sets new standards in the recycling of stators. A big step forward.” – Benjamin Langer, AVL

Oil cooling sets new standards for higher power density.

Together with AVL Software and Functions GmbH we have now implemented an innovative e-motor prototype and we were able to support them with our sophisticated 3D manufacturing technology for hairpin windings.

Together we are pioneers in the development and manufacturing of powerful e-motors for the powertrains of the future. With their new generation of high-speed e-motors with 30’000 rpm AVL Software and Functions GmbH realizes a higher power density of the e-motor, lower manufacturing costs and a resource-saving production.

But a good design also needs advanced manufacturing technology to reflect its advantages in reality. The e-motor is integrated into AVL’s new generation high-speed EDU, which consists of two drive systems with a total peak power of 500 kW and resulting in 7,000 Nm axle torque.

The power density of the system is 4.3 kW/kg.

The precise hairpin windings of the stators have also contributed, among other factors, to increasing the performance of the overall system by a further 25%.