Oil-cooled electric motors

Electric motor with hairpin winding and integrated oil cooling

Innovative conductor structures and optimised cooling enable not only maximum power densities of 25kW/kg – essentially a 100kW motor in the space of a coffee cup – but also unrivalled levels of efficiency.

The world’s first radial flux motor with SMC core

wavewinding stator

Together with Alvier Mechatroniks, we have now realised an innovative electric motor with an SMC-based stator core. Together, we are pioneering the fastest market launch of high-performance electric motors.

Optimised Hairpin Stator for Ford

optimised design for highest power density in automotive, hairpin stator

As part of a collaborative research project with the Ford Motor Company, we have optimised a hairpin stator to achieve higher efficiency and better packaging than ever before. By combining hairpins with a constant cross-section and variable profile with our optimised production technologies, we have improved the performance of the electric motor!

Customer Story Solar Edge

traction drive for electric mobility

“The Additive Drives Technology offers a unique advantage for shorter development cycles and quicker time-to-market.” – Marco Stoehling

Customer Story AVL

electrically driven axle with 500kW peak power and integrated oilcooling

“The manufacturing technology from Additive Drives GmbH not only opens up new possibilities in the design and further optimization of electric motors, but also sets new standards in the recycling of stators. A big step forward.” – Benjamin Langer, AVL