E-Traction Motor

3D-printed hairpin windings & 3D printed electric drives in new design for prototypes and high-performance series.

Additive Drives hairpin demonstrator

From traction drives to electrified auxiliary units

Hairpins are a new technology in the electric motor field. Rectangular copper rods replace wound copper wires. The process is easier to automate than conventionally wound motors and is particularly popular in the automotive sector because of the significantly reduced manufacturing times.

Print as it is

Due to our extremely fast prototype realization, we enable a timely feedback of the measurement results to the simulation and thus ensure the required operating characteristics and improve quality assurance. Our designs are scalable for small, medium as well as large series. Geometric design and material parameters are consistent with conventional manufacturing.

Print optimized

3D printing allows new hairpin geometries. In particular, the winding heads can be fundamentally redesigned – in reference projects we were able to halve the winding head discharges in each case. This means that 30% more torque can be accommodated in the same installation space.

We support our customers throughout the entire development and realization of electric motors. Starting with the rough design via thermal as well as electromagnetic 3D simulation up to 3D design as well as manufacturing, we enable novel hairpin concepts.

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