3D printed electric motors

concentrated windings

Whether in torque motors or in the trend technology axial flux motor: single coils are used in a wide variety of applications. They enable the highest power densities in the smallest installation space. By using 3D printing, performance can be significantly increased through higher filling factors, optimised winding heads and functional integration.

Torque Motors

High-torque motors are extremely compact, deliver high torques and are maintenance-free. Torque motors are always the first choice for applications that are highly dynamic, backlash-free and work with high torques.
The perfect geometric adaptation of 3D-printed individual coils not only enables higher efficiencies than with classic round wire winding, but also significantly increases the torque density!

Our production approach enables quantities of up to 100,000 units per year. High performance in series!

Axial flux motor with double rotor and optimised coils

Axial flux motors

Axial flux motors are among the future technologies of electromobility. The motors can be built extremely flat, but can achieve up to 30% higher torque densities than comparable radial flux motors.
With the development of new coil designs and optimised bus bars, the technology is more exciting than ever before.

Unlimited Bus Bar Designs

Whether hairpin, torque motor or axial flux motor:
The wiring of stators has high requirements and is of great importance for the function of the application. In conventional production, you quickly reach the limits of what is feasible due to limited bending radii or welding points. By 3D printing high-purity copper, Additive Drives creates bus bars in almost unlimited designs and with up to 60% less material.


Electric motors move the world. Our motors are used in a wide variety of products and are customised for every application.